Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is a junior at Mercy High School in Baltimore. She has been a Fellow in the Urban Health Media project since its inception and has been published in USA TODAY. She is a McAuley Scholar at Mercy, taking all honors and AP classes and has a grade point average of 4.2. Activities she participates in include the school newspaper, the Shield, National Honor Society, Mercy High School’s dance troupe, Social Justice society, and being an ambassador for her school. She has attained a variety of class excellence awards in subjects including English, Spanish and religion. Erin is also a part of the Women in Technology program. She is working on several future projects. Currently, as a peer educator in her school, she is working on creating a One Love Assembly where students will discuss domestic abuse and learn to recognize the signs of healthy and toxic relationships. In January 2019, as a member of the Mercy High School Mentor Program, she will be mentoring and learning from a reporter from a local news station in the area. She has also been nominated to participate in the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJCM) at George Mason University in Virginia during the summer of 2019.

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