Berri Wilmore

Berri Wilmore is an 18 year old college student from Laurel, Maryland. She is currently attending Syracuse university and is majoring in Communications and Rhetorical Studies (CRS). She plans to begin her minor in advertising during her sophomore year.

Her accomplishments include being a participant in the Urban Health Media Project. With UHMP, she was able to publish an article in USAToday alongside Jayne O’Donnell and created a multimedia project that highlighted the role (and consequences) that sneaker buying and collecting has in the black community. She explored the cultural, financial, and criminal aspects that comes with sneaker culture, and how it shapes the African American community just as much as it harms it.

Through Urban Health, she was able to network and use the connections she made in order to attend Syracuse University, which is ranked as one of the 100 overall schools in the country, and the number 1 school for journalism. Her current project on campus is as a writer and photographer for campus publication Femme Noire, which works to give one of the most underrepresented groups on campus – black women – a place to express their creativity and have their voices be heard.

In 2017, Berri was able to compete and place in the 4 Way Rotary Speech, and since arriving to Syracuse University, has made it to the semi-finalist round of the White Denison speech competition. She was avidly involved in theater, during high school, and even ranked in the International Thespian Society Individual Events. After her performance, she was invited to compete in the national competition hosted in Nebraska. 

Berri is a huge mental health advocate, and has done her part on campus to help spread awareness about the different programs offered on campus. Before she came to Syracuse, she worked alongside Hope Works as an advocate against sexual and physical abuse, the Howard County School System as a student aide in a program that  provided summer assistance to young children before they began the school year, and with Bon Secours Health System, teaching women and young girls from Baltimore how they should dress, act, and prepare for a job interview. She now does her community service through the church on campus, Hendrick's Chapel.

On a more personal note, she enjoys fashion, watching independent films, attending live music events, and doing photography - specifically portraits. She aspires to graduate from Syracuse in 2022 and pursue a career in Marketing and Advertising.

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