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As 988 launch date approaches, progress on crisis hotline builds

By Hermes Falcon, Youthcast Media Group™ A new hotline launches July 16 to handle mental health and substance use crises in place of 911. Similarly to 911, the hotline is only three numbers long: 988. Speakers at Virtual NAMICon 2022 conference “Together for Mental Health” in June discussed the importance of this new hotline and...

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Miles Hall’s mom says he’d ‘likely be alive today’ if she could’ve called 988 instead of 911

Published in the San Bernardino American, June 28, 2022 By Radiah Jamil and Julianne Hill, Youthcast Media Group™ Four officers from the Walnut Creek Police Department in California arrived at Taun Hall’s home just minutes after she called 911, seeking help for her son Miles who was experiencing a mental health crisis. For years, Hall...

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YMG teaches skills that are ‘applicable in anything,’ says former student

by Aileen Delgado Asha Davis, 19, a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park studying public health, was one of Youthcast Media Group’s first students in 2017. As a freshman at Mercy High School in Baltimore transitioning into sophomore year, Davis worked with other Baltimore students at Morgan State University and in partnership with...

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Climate gentrification: Rising seas lift home prices in drier, cheaper neighborhoods like Miami’s Little Haiti

Louis Rosemond lived in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, Florida, for 30 years, but was evicted in 2016 when his landlord sold the apartment building to developers who are preparing to build high-rise, high-priced condominiums on the property. Rosemond, pictured in his new apartment in Opa Locka, Florida, on April 19, 2022, says developers...