We're no longer Urban Health Media Project, but no matter our name, the mission is the same: To train middle school students through college interns from under-resourced communities to create multimedia journalism that highlights solutions to the health, wealth and social disparities where they live. We like our new name, and hope you do, too!

YMG in the News

YMG students from across the country cover the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on young Americans' mental health.

Featured Story

“If you come across a police officer, and the police officer touches you, how will you react?”

What we've been working on

Students who participate in the Youthcast Media Group work on stories about various social issues such as teen suicide, domestic violence, poverty and mental health stigma. They interview doctors, journalists, politicians and other experts about these issues. Students write and produce their own articles and use facts and statistics to support their points. In addition to writing, students have the opportunity to learn, hands-on, how to use the cameras to shoot photos and capture video and audio.

Surviving trauma: Students chronicle resilience

Through guest speakers, individual research and reporting this past fall, student journalists explored ways in which people are struggling, surviving, and thriving despite the disproportionate effect the pandemic, economic collapse and soaring city violence are having on already marginalized communities. Their stories have been published on the YMG website; many are also being printed in newspapers in and near their communities.


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